Before and 6 Weeks After CIT Procedure.

The "after" photos were taken at my client's routine hydrating facial and fresh brow wax 6 weeks after her CIT procedure.  Read her comments about the microneedling below!

"When Juli first mentioned she is bringing a new treatment to her repertoire I was intrigued. But, when she started describing the use of needles I thought to myself, yeah no way!  I researched micro needling and read about fantastic results.  I decided to give it a try. Juli sent me home before my next scheduled treatment with a numbing cream. I was to put it on 20 minutes before my micro needling treatment (CIT). Boy I was glad I did. The pain was just on the border of intolerable especially around the forehead and nose area.  My face was a bright pink after the treatment. It felt like I had a bad sunburn. This pain lasted for about 24 hrs. After that my skin was smooth and soft.  I noticed less facial lines and my skin was more springy.  My friends and families kept telling me how great my skin looked even 6 weeks after the procedure.  I will definitely try the CIT treatment again."


Before and 6 Weeks After CIT